Graduate Arts Fellowship

The Digital Scholarship Lab at MSU Libraries is a place for collaboration where technology is used to enhance and challenge how we do our- work and how we share it. We are excited about how the space and technology can be used for creating new work and invite graduate students to experiment and develop new works of art. The DSL is a space with technology, but it is at its core a nexus of expertise, with librarians and library staff available to assist and collaborate with graduate student artists, whether in the physical space or through virtual connections and conversations.

This yearly position connects Fellows with access to space and technology and a network of professionals ready to facilitate artistic creation. Read more about the Fellowship here:

The Graduate Arts Fellowship is a Summer Fellowship opportunity funded by the College of Arts and Letter and is open to any graduate student in the College of Arts and Letters.


Ke’Shunta Faye Drake


Evan F. Christopherson – “Generative Art: Visualizing the Air”

“In my current studio practice I focus on visualizing non-visual elements of weather; elements of weather that we see the interactions on tangible objects and beings, but cannot see the element directly. At the moment my primary focus has been trying to visualize wind. This has been primarily done by a means of comparative data and abstract data translations, but not as a large scale, moving translations from raw data to visual elements. The purpose of this work is to bring attention to the weather in a new perspective; a perspective where one doesn’t take the weather for granted, to not think about the weather negatively, and to create a new meteorological experience.” – Evan Christopherson

Visualizing the Air – Project Description (pdf)

Google Drive with downloadable files for video, code, and tutorials