Instruction Collaboration During COVID-19

The Digital Scholarship Lab will have heavily modified operations this Winter. The physical lab will be closed to normal traffic, and will not be available for class visits. We continue to work with courses in supporting learning in online environments.

The technologies mentioned below are generally appropriate for online, asynchronous instruction, though in some cases participants may struggle to complete this work on lower-powered computers. Each of these technologies have varyingly accessible interfaces; please be sure to consider this in your planning.

Google Cardboards for Use in Coursework

We will also be giving away Google Cardboards to classes and individuals who would like to use them in their coursework. Availability is limited, and we will fulfill requests in the order that we receive them. If you'd like to learn more, please visit our Google Cardboard page:

Immersive Visualization 


ThingLink is a tool for creating annotated tours of spaces, overlaying media content onto 360 photography. We have seat licenses to deploy across campus. Please contact us to learn more about using this tool in your work.


ZappAR is a web-based platform for creating augmented reality experiences. We have limited seat licenses. Please contact us to learn more about using this tool in your work.

Digital Storytelling with Media

ESRI Storymaps

ESRI Storymaps is a useful tool for creating web pages that pull together video maps, photos, and other content. You can read about how to get started, obtaining a site license, and more information here, in GIS Librarian Amanda Tickner's guide to ESRI Storymaps

Knightlab Suite

Other tools that may fit your class' learning objectives include the Knightlab suite of free web-applications, such as Storymap JS and Timeline JS.

We also have experience leading classes through exercises in creating digital collections, websites, and more.

Data Analysis and Representation

SAGE Data Research Methods

One resource offered through the library is SAGE Data Research Methods product, which has lessons, practice data sets, and more.

Digital Scholarship Librarian Andy Petersen has created guides on teaching with textual analysis, data analysis, and visualization using the tool

Online Teaching Resources

Finally, Andy Petersen has compiled a list of Online Teaching Resources to help instructors navigate the sea of resources available for remote teaching. These are grouped by task; we hope you will find them helpful.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please feel free to email us at or request a consultation.