Our Team

Primary Team

Andy Boyles Petersen, Digital Scholarship Librarian Megan Kudzia, Digital Scholarship Librarian
Jonah Magar, Gaming Coordinator Terence O'Neill, Head, Digital Scholarship & Makerspace Services

Affiliated Librarians and Faculty

Scout Calvert, Data Librarian Kristen Mapes, Assistant Director, Digital Humanities @ MSU
Devin Higgins, Digital Library Programmer Amanda Tickner, GIS Librarian
Joshua Sanchez, User Experience & Assessment Librarian

Faculty Advisory Board

Current Board

Dirk Colbry, Computational Math, Science, and Engineering Lyn Goeringer, English & Music
Marisa Brandt, Lyman Briggs Linda Nubani, School of Planning, Design, and Construction
Jon Frey, Archaeology Alice Lynn McMichael, LEADR